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Historydiscovered in 1976 by Hough and Phadnis. From 1980 onwards joint technical development by Tate & Lyle and McNeil Speciality Products (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson)
SynthesisThe source material for the production of Sucralose is saccharose, which is derivatised into Sucralose via a synthetisation process
Sensoric features/sweetening powervery sweet taste profile, very close to sugar
400-600 times sweeter than sugar
toothfriendly and suitable for diabetics
technicaldissolves well in water
very stable
synergistic effects with all other sweeteners; best synergism with Cyclamate
Situation of approvalapproved in the countries of Latin America and Asia and, since 1998, in the USA and Canada. Approved in the EU since 2004!!
ADI value15 mg per kg of bodyweight
Fields of applicationtable-top sweeteners (tablets, spoon-for-spoon powders and liquid sweeteners)
refreshing drinks
bakery products and baking mixes
dairy products
canned fruits