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ISOMALT GS is optimal for coatings and applications that require good solubility. With its ideal dissolution kinetics, ISOMALT GS enhances initial sweetness and flavour impact. 
Products coated with ISOMALT GS have an excellent crunch and a smooth surface, imparting a pleasant mouth feel. The outstanding stability and minimal hygroscopicity of ISOMALT result in long shelf life and top product quality. Short coating times during the suspension process and low process temperatures make ISOMALT GS very cost-effective. Additionally, low temperatures during production with ISOMALT GS allow the handling of active ingredients that are temperature-sensitive.  
Due to its higher solubility, ISOMALT GS is also suited for the production of sugar-free low boilings, which as a result will have good texture and pleasantly soft chewability. With ISOMALT, product stickiness is reduced, their storability is enhanced, and the colours as well as flavours of chewy candy will last longer.
ISOMALT GS also raises the quality of fruit spreads and marmalades with no added sugar to new heights. With its sugar-like, mild sweetness, ISOMALT supports the fruit flavour without showing a cooling or side effect. Products with ISOMALT GS are especially easy to spread, show almost no syneresis or browning reaction, and have better colour and storage stability than products made with fructose and/or sorbitol.
For soft baking products like muffins, ISOMALT GS is the perfect choice thanks to its ability to keep the product soft from the inside but less sticky at the surface. As a result, these baking products also have longer storage stability and show a reduced browning reaction, resulting in an enhanced colour stability.