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The ISOMALT Family

Since its introduction in the 1980s, ISOMALT has taken the international confectionery market by storm. It is the only sugar replacer derived from pure beet sugar. With its compelling product benefits, ISOMALT is now used in more than 1,800 products around the world, making the term “ISOMALT-based confectionery” virtually synonymous with “sugar-free confectionery.” 
BENEO-Palatinit continuously invests in further development of ISOMALT to extend its application range. This commitment has resulted in the ISOMALT family, which so far offers four variants tailor-made for many specific applications:
The all-rounder for sugar-free applications of every type, and especially suitable for hard boilings and baked goods.
The coatings specialist, e.g., for chewing gum dragées and chewy candies, but also convenient for fruit spreads.
Specially made for direct-compressible products like tablets and mini-mints.
The best choice for great-tasting chocolate products.