Connecting nutrition and health

ISOMALT – Consumers’ first choice

With its numerous benefits, ISOMALT wins over every target group: manufacturers as well as retailers and consumers. Consumers especially have voted for ISOMALT in several blind tests. They favored sugar-free ISOMALT candy over the sugared version – even though the flavour, the recipe and the processing were all the same. During the tests it became clear that ISOMALT appealed to consumers mostly with its mild natural sweetness, reduced stickiness, good mouth feel and good effect on flavour release. The flavour of the ISOMALT candies was judged to be more intensive, e.g., fruitier. Taste in connection with health aspects plays an increasingly important role, especially when the taste of confectionery remains purchase driver No. 1.

Sensorial benefits of ISOMALT:

  • Gives products a good mouth feel – be itthesmooth surface of candy or chewing gum dragées or the melting profile of chocolate.
  • Tastes as natural as sugar and supports flavour with its pleasant sweetness.
  • Very negative heat of solution makes ISOMALT ideal for chocolate and fruit flavours.
  • Masks unpleasant aftertaste.

Technological benefits of ISOMALT:

  • Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio – i.e., ISOMALT gives not only sweetness to a food product but also bulk and texture. 
  • Excellent physical and chemical stability.
  • Very low hygroscopicity leads to high product quality, e.g., unwrapped candy does not stick, cookies stay crunchy.